MEMOLUB® HPS Multi Point Lubricator

MEMOLUB® HPS Multi Point Lubricator

Product Code : HPS
MEMOLUB® HPS is an autonomous refillable lubrication system for single or mutiple point use
With its 25 bar ejection pressure, it can be used with 2 to 8 outlets distribution blocks
Remote installation up to 10 meters

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MEMOLUB® HPS is the leading product in our range.

Its content of 120 cm3 – 240 cm3 or 480 cm3 and 5 daily output programs of 0.3 to 14.4cc make it the most versatile lubricator in our range.

Settings of 1 week to 24 months through MEMO rings (see technical data’s). With its 25 Bar pressure, it can be installed remotely up to 10 meters from lube point or can be used up to 8 points with distributor blocks. Certified ATEX-EX zone 22.

Cartridge capacity Standard : 120 cm3 / Méga : 240 cm3 / Giga : 480 cm3
Dimensions Standard : 115 x 101 mm / Méga : 147 x 101 mm / Giga : 228 x 101 mm
Battery Pack 4,5 V Alkaline
Temperature exposure range -15° C à +50°C
Direct connection 1/4 inch R

Autonomous and with a 25 Bar expulsion pressure, this model is the most versatile unit in the range.

Frequency setting is regulated by the MEMO.

This MEMO is a unique system to adjust Memolub daily output. MEMO is set once when unit is installed and is then permanently fitted to the lube point. Maintenance personnel does not need to worry of setting anymore, this facilitate greatly lube organisation. MEMO setting is an easy and quick operation (see basic settings table in the Technical data’s part”).

The only replaceable consumables are plastic recyclable cartridges and the set of batteries.

Endless refillable, the environmental impact is limited.

Ideal for all types of industrial applications : bearings, open gears, chains, rollers,…